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I arranged the photograph series 'Everything's fine' after the incident of 'Berdel (Bride Exchange)' which is a common practice traditional particularly in some regions of Turkey. 'BERDEL' is a way for the families to be cleared off and the issue to be solved without honour killings, when their daughters kill themselves or run away from their husbands that they were given away by force to.


As there are no killings involved and the issue is solved without any bloodshed, everything seems to be fine for both sides. The families do not feel any emotional strain when they give away their child aged daughters to the groom's father as a second wife in order not to feel any shame.


In these fictive images, one girl playing with dolls and the other playing with bride & groom dolls, they stare upwards silently but as if they are waiting to be rescued.


RadikalArt: Face-to-Face that used the billboards all around Istanbul for presenting over 40 contemporary artworks Istanbul's streets serveas gallery for Radikal Art open-air exhibit.


Text by Selda Asal

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    Selda Asal, Everything is Fine/Her şey Yolunda, RadikalArt, 2007.

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  • Belesrezi s danss hey

    belesrezi-s-danss, defneönen, fotoçizikolaj, 2013.

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