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Katkıda Bulunan Sanatçı: Veysel Gençten

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-6months queuing
We spend nearly three days
waiting  in them over a year, and six 
months over a lifetime,
-20wks on hold
That's 60 hours a year listening to
music while waiting to speak to a 
human in a call center.
-653hrs waiting for trains
Hanging around on platforms waiting for 
your train, or queuing at bus stops, takes 
up 27 days.

In 2010 Daniel Shoshan, an installation artist in Israel's Haifa, along with Amit Matalon, started new public library concept for bus stops figuring that people sometimes have long wait times for buses.
In 2014 The Municipality of Bağcılar in Istanbul set up in 11 bus stops to install libraries.A total of 20,000 books were placed to read the books at the seated bus stop or borrow it and read it somewhere else. They can return the books to another bookcase at another bus stop.


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